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Sign up anytime for our popular exam preparation and completion courses - times and dates to suit you!. Covering CPL/IR 'foundation' subjects, plus all the UK NPPL(M), NPPL(A), PPL(TMG), EASA PPL(A&H), and IMC, including FAA ( Private Pilot - with LaserGrade sign off), and Seamanship exams, and Instructor Course (Ground).
Using guided blended-learning, self-study, distance learning and face-to-face tuition, all the PPL exams can be taken and completed in a minimum of THREE days total attendance. Join our one, two or three day revision schools (More Details) for up to EIGHT of the theoretical papers, and a one day 'brush-up' for the Communication / RT practical - available at times to suit a busy life schedule. Learn quickly and complete the exams consecutively, or at a more leisurely pace to suit you - check our Promotions for latest EASA/FAA PPL package offers. Not sure about the next step need a price list - Just ask! . or email us and request our FREE set of PPL exam papers, and you could qualify for immediate entry to our discounted course. A complete question bank of exam papers is also available from our Online GroundSchool. system.

All face-to-face teaching and examinations take place at our modern professionally equipped teaching suite, test and business centre - near Cardiff in South Wales, or Conference Facilities at Cardiff Airport. No need to put up with the usual shabby airfield based accommodations. UK/EASA ePPL examinations are now in electronic format and are taken on-line.

Full-time courses are also run on a regular basis throughout the year

"Passed all the PPL exams first time!. Excellent value and excellent teaching, just what I needed before taking my flying course in Florida", R.P. Leicester 2019.
" the seamanship course really was fantastic and covered exactly what was in the exam! thanks again and hope to see you soon " O.W, Bournemouth 2019.
"The course was completely flexible, with no pressure applied to complete any section aimed to uncomplicate the subjects", T.B Bristol 2022.


Student recommended

The CAA PPL & EASA Ground School Examinations are all in multiple-choice format, and are required for the theoretical element of all UK issued licences - NPPL (M), NPPL (A), UK/EASA (PPL (A/G) including Helicopter, Balloons, Motor Gliders etc. They are relatively easy to pass if approached in the correct way, but one of the problems is that they must be completed within a set period of 18-24 months (after which they expire!). However if you run out of time, you simply take the next series again - unlike other schools we make no additional charge should this happen.
For reference - the PPL theory papers and on-line tests consist of:
* 1 Air Law * 2. Operational Procedures * 3 Meteorology * 4 Flight Performance and Planning
* 5 Human Performance and Limitations * 6 Aircraft General Knowledge *7 Principles of Flight *8 Navigation *9 Communications - PPL & RT and * 10 Radio Telephony (practical).
For Microlight Pilots - Sign up for our BMAA approved course which excludes the 'Flight Performance and Planning' topic available at reduced cost, but same quality as our other courses. A similar offer is avialable for Helicopter pilots, and others.
You will be provided with a comprehensive and paced distance-learning package (inc. media and/or apps) for each subject, and an introductory or a personalised exam brush-up session for each paper. It is sensible to complete some recommended preparatory work (at a seminar or at home using our online system) and practice paper(s) before attending our fast track exam revision session. You will complete realistic mock paper(s) - not the usual 'Q&A simplifier' material, which are fully marked with detailed advice and comments. By this stage you will be fully ready to take the actual exam(s).
As teachers, educators, and flight examiners with over 30 years experience, we know what we are doing - come to us and pass first time. No gaps - no short cuts, don't waste time and flying cash on other approaches - we apply the 'Pareto 80/20 principle' - . Don't know what that is - then come and find out!.
One subject at a time taken, or complete everything in just THREE DAYS, check the Sample Programme - it really can be done!
NOTE: Because of the time needed to conduct the RT practical, the final CAA Radio Telephony test must be booked for a separate day. If your knowledge of Radio Telephony is limited you may need to do our full two day course - see R/T Details here.
Let us know if you intend doing your PPL flying training in the USA, Canada or EU. We can tailor our revision programme so that you are up to pass standard for all the FAA, Transport Canada or other written tests. These are usually computer based, and you can practice the actual computer tests with us before starting any flying training (further details on request)


1) Our 'Complete IRR(A) Theoretical Knowledge Course Notes' £39.95 (Inc P&P) covers all the subject matter you need to pass the ground exam, based on our extensive experience of teaching the subject.
2) Godwin P (Ed) (2004 ) Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying, Air Pilot Publisher Ltd
3) Current Radio Navigation and Instrument Approach Charts, downloadable from http://www.AIS.ORG.UK
4) CAP 53 Latest Edition (as amended)
All required books and pilot equipment are available direct from us or our Pilot Shop at below RRP. Also, you can order yourself from Pooleys or AFE, and get an immediate 5% discount by quoting CAMBRIANAERO on their order form!!
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