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This is a course designed to give aeroplane licence holders with more than 300 hours experience appropriate training in teaching and learning theory, and also ground and flying instructional techniques, in order to instruct for any single pilot, single engine aircraft class rating that the applicant is also qualified eg Tailwheel, Complex Type etc. On completion of the course the applicant will be required to take a skills test, which if successful will permit the issue of a SPA CRI. It is important to note that unless you already have a comercial licence you cannot charge a fee or be paid for any flight training you conduct, although you can for ground instruction.

What requirements do I need?
The training for the SPA CRI is always conducted at an approved training organisation, and by an instructor authorised to give instruction for the issue of a CRI. Before undertaking the SPA CRI course a applicant must be the holder of a UK/EASA PPL or CPL/ATPL with at least 300 hours of flight time, and have completed at least 30 hours as Pilot in Command on the applicable type or class of aeroplane prior to commencing the course. In addition you must hold a class one or class two Medical, and have a current Single Engine piston class rating.

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What does the course involve?
The course is intended to train the applicant to instruct a pilot already qualified on Single Engine Piston aircraft. The training consists of a minimum of 3 hours flight training and of 25 hours Teaching and Learning theory and practice. Associated long and pre flight briefings are conducted which consist of a minimum of 7 hours., and a Skills Test is taken in addition to these hours. The flight training element of this course is conducted by one of our ATO associates.

What does the Theoretical Knowledge consist of?
The ground training will consist of classroom lectures, long briefings and pre-flight briefings and directed private study.

The Theory element is supported by parts one and two of our AOPA and Ground Instructor distance learning package which covers: The Teaching Process, Training Philosophies, Techniques of Applied Instruction, and Student Evaluating & Testing as set out in EASA/UK Part-FCL..

How much does it cost?
Please contact us for Details, this course is conducted in collaboration with our training partner.


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