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Choosing flight training on the basis of price alone is a poor strategy, and often proves to be more costly in the end. If you are looking for high-quality training, from independent instructors and commercial pilots who aim to get it right - then check out how we aim to add value. You may have come across the old proverb:- ".. It is better to take three years looking for a good teacher than to spend even three minutes with a poor one!.." In our experience - Nothing, but Nothing! is more important than finding a good flight Instructor - if you want a succesful flight training experience. Many schools seem to go out of their way to make your time with them as frustrating as possible.  
We will always spend time with you discussing your requirements in advance, and provide you with costings based on your own particular requirements. The fees listed here can be used as a guide on what you can expect to pay. Our primary interest, and focus is always in providing you with one-to-one quality training, professional ground study, and motivational guidance.

(* excludes a/c hire unless stated and subject to change)
UK/EASA/PPL/NPPL or IMC Skills test
PPL/SEP Class Rating Renewal *
IMC/IRR Renewal and/or combined with SEP
Instructor flights & renewal by experience *
Training per hour (or half day)
Training/mentoring per day
EASA IMC / HELI & SEAMANSHIP course modules
EASA IMC / HELI & SEAMANSHIP written exams
Radio Licence (the FRTOL) Test VHF or HF
AOPA Ground Instructor course modules
Air Experience Flight Lessons (includes aircraft hire)



from £135
from £125

* This test (LPC) and/or flight is required to renew or revalidate a CPL/PPL, or NPPL (Aeroplane, Heliicopter, Seaplane or Microlight) with single engine privileges, ie where the licence holder has not met the requirements for renewal/revalidation by experience only. If you are able to organise a pilot friend to do their test (or training) on the same day we can give you both a discount on the relevant fees. We are available to travel to any local airfield base (large or small) such as Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester, Kemble etc in order to conduct a test or renewal.- RT Tests (VHF & HF) are also usually available at short notice.

All extra books and pilot equipment are available from our Pilot shop at below RRP. You can order yourself direct from Pooleys or AFE (click below), and get an immediate discount by quoting CAMBRIANAERO on their order form - you really can't go wrong!!
aeros cardiff or aeros cardiff aeros cardiff ....

Having trouble with CAA Written Exams - lack the time? Come and stay and complete everything with the minimum time, fuss and stress.
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