Our pilot supplies & equipment are sourced from all the major UK & International warehouses, and available here at often well below RRP. Very easy to order - just send us your requirements here - we reply with a confimed price / invoice - then quote the invoice number with your card/bacs payment. Pick up from our centre, or items will be sent by return to your prefered postal address. You can also order standard items yourself from Pooleys or AFE, and get an immediate 5% discount just by quoting CAMBRIANAERO on the order form!! - that's all you have to do, but forget or you won't get the discount.

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The following items listed below are always in stock, (prices exclude postage & packing), and are an essential minimum purchase if you are starting out on any PPL training. Normally next day delivery on most items. Prices here are for guidance only - please check first.


1⁄2 Mil Ruler Plain (£5), or with Time Scale CPM-1 (£6)

Four Vol set AFE PPL course books (£85)

CAA 1⁄2 mil South England Charts - latest ed. (£15)

We also have a large selection of previous years charts (@ £5 each)



Flight Nav Computer - fibre board (£16)


Round Protractor (Plain £5) or with wind scale (£10)

Flight Nav Computer - durable plastic (£45)

Note: You enter the promotional code "CAMBRIANAERO" in Step 2 of Pooleys online Checkout process.


Tips: For beginning pilots - if you haven’t already acquired any of the above equipment we can advise on the best buys to meet your requirements. For example, you do not need that latest edition aviation charts for the PPL written exams or a professional quality flight Nav computer – fibre board will do (c £16). Also, you get an AOPA student membership and a magazine subscription when you start your PPL training with Cambrian Aero.


Cambrian Ground School is a member of the GTi (Aviation) Business Network

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