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cambrian aero flight seaplane PPL NPPL RT Newport cardiff

A COMPLIMENTARY SEAPLANE TRAINING VIDEO - Yes! contact us for details of how to obtain your own copy. With the kind permission of David Quam - a SPA(USA) founder member, course participants and members can have a personal copy of this unique DVD free of charge (subject to shipping costs) - designed to support your seaplane course, and it really is very useful.

In the early 1980's the FAA produced a film called "Flying Floats'', a seaplane film photographed in Alaska, Florida, New York and Greenville Maine. "Flying Floats" has one of the best sequences on the subject of glassy water landings, and certainly makes the seaplane pilot aware of the problems that might be encountered in this situation. The pilot for this sequence was Telford Allen, also a SPA board member. The film was specifically designed for new pilots to water flying, and students in training, but also serves as a great refesher for all seaplane pilots.

The DVD runs for about 25 minutes, and is made available for personal viewing only, and is not for resale.

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