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IRR / IMC COURSE - 'Fast-Track option'
In brief the course consists of: (i) a minimum of 15 hours actual flight training (plus briefing time), of which at least 10 hours must obtained in flight by 'sole reference to instruments'. This minimum time can be reduced to 12 hours for UK Night Rating holders (but not for the JAR Night Qualification). (ii) a minimum of 20 hours Ground Training.

The IRR/ IMC Rating
IMC training is essential if you already hold a JAR/UK PPL and want to make full use of your licence. You will gain the level of knowledge and skill needed to pass the ground and flight tests for the issue by the CAA of a UK IMC Rating. To achieve this you will follow the recommended AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Operators Assocation) Syllabus. Under the section concerning 'Instrument Approach Procedures' for example, you will learn how to ‘let down’, and to carry out an approach during instrument weather conditions. Find out more about our Training Methods and how to do it properly, trained to high standards by experts.

IRR / IMC training is not designed to permit a pilot to operate to the weather limits accorded to the holder of a full ICAO Instrument Rating, but instead to those Decision Heights, and visibility values as recommended and promulgated in the RAC section of the UK Air Pilot -for use by IMC Rated Pilots.

In any event, as the holder of an IMC Rating you must have a minimum filght visibility below cloud of 1800m for take off and landing in order to operate within your privlleges. For all the reasons why every PPL should consider adding the UK IMC rating - check our pilot FAQ's

The AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate
AOPA has also designed a Syllabus of Instruction to encourage pilots who hold either the JAR-FCL PPL or a UK NPPL(A) to obtain formal training in Radio Navigation procedures for use under Visual Flight Rules. For holders of a JAR-FCL PPL issued by the UK CAA, this course of training can be taken as a progressive step towards obtaining a UK IMC Rating.

To that end, as a JAR-FCL PPL holder who has qualified for the AOPA Radio Navigation Certificate you will be exempt from up to 5 hours instrument training at the Applied Stage of the IMC course (without time limit).

You can commence this course at any time after qualifying for a Private Pilot’s Licence and a Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s Licence. There are no minimum pre-entry hour, nor is there a calendar time requirement to complete the course of training. This is one of highly recommended courses for the relatively low houred private pilot.

You will learn the art of Navigation using radio beacons to a higher level, giving you a very useful and adaptable upgrade. Subjects covered, include the use of the VOR, DME, ADF and GPS. This course is a must if you obtained your PPL before JAR, or are qualified to NPPL level and now wish to expand your navigation skills. Only 5 hours flying training is required, concentrating on the use of radio navigation beacons, concluding with a test flight and a written paper with our examiner.

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