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since 1997

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You may already have started to learn to fly in the UK or abroad, but for various reasons did not complete, and now want to start again. Or, you may already be flying, but want to Convert your NPPL or microlight licence to the JAR PPL or NPPL(A). Even if you are already following PPL training elsewhere a “progress review ” with a focus on "'test preparation" can often make all the difference between getting stuck, and finishing within a reasonable timeframe.

****** A unique approach in learning to fly and becoming a safe and confident pilot ******

What is involved?
You will fly with an experienced CAA skills test examiner who will guide you in terms of the exact NPPL/PPL requirements, and help identify and overcome any difficult areas you may have encountered. The training is carefully structured to complement previous, or current training, in a relaxed and stress free way.

What are the skills, and judgment that a good pilot must possess?
Just flying to the CAA test standards is not always enough. The test standard is not a training syllabus, and constitutes only the minimum for pilot certification. Perfection in flying is elusive, a worthy goal - but often not achieved. Perfection is unlikely to be achieved in the pre-solo stages of flight training. However, a Progress Review can really help understanding and achieve the required skills, if undertaken in the later stages of flight training, both at PPL level and more Advanced IMC level.

Why with us?
It takes time to become good at almost anything. Being a teacher of aviation is no different. Coaching is often a good metaphor for teaching flying. In particular, this aims to develop confident, knowledgeable, independent pilots - one step at a time. We do a lot of talking and dissect manoeuvres into easily digestible parts, then we reassemble them so you can demonstrate a clear understanding with the correct technique. Most flying schools do not have the flexibility to do this properly – we aim to fill this gap.

What about cost and structure?
These courses can be quite short, and saving you a great deal in terms of time and expense overall – whilst also counting towards your total training time. Typically, expect to log 2 hours total time, with 1:20 towards navigation, a land away, and flight exercises. You may want to extend an air experience course to a longer Basic pilots course of up to 8 hours for example

If and when ready (and we will let you know) you can also take any skills test with us - Request more details.


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