Pilot Licence Conversions & Difference Training
since 1997


For all NPPL/PPL completions and conversions, including additional ratings for IMC/IRR and Night Qualifications.

Cambrian Aero is a UK DTO (Declared Training Organisation), and has approval from the CAA for the conduct of a wide range of aviation training. For some activities expect to reposition from our 'hanger' base to other airfields, to ensure compliance and convenience. There is usually no extra charge for 'repositioning flights'. Initial IMC/IRR, re-qualification, PPL conversion training in particular is allowed by the CAA from all our bases of operation, and this also enables us to offer interesting and useful Revalidation Flights & Flight Testing, including expert tuition for PPL & CPL Examination Subjects. Thinking of learning to fly? - you Check out all the options with us before starting.


This is not just a cost-effective solution to obtaining the full European EASA or UK private pilots licence, but also a personalised cross-country navigation training programme. In particular we specialise in licence Conversions from NPPL(M) microlight; to NPPL(SEP) single engine; to UK/EASA PPL(A), including all foreign licence conversions, and Seaplane training. Offered as one to three week course modules throughout the year. We also occasionally take a few ab-initio students through to the NPPL(A) or UK PPL(A) licence. For these courses some re-positioning to a neighbouring licenced airfield is usually required.

NPPL(Microlight), UK PPL (Microlight), or Glider (BGA), SLMG to NPPL (SEP)
We can convert your NPPL (Microlight) including glider, or UK PPL (M) licence (without restrictions) to an NPPL (SEP). You will need to complete such flying training in a simple single-engine piston aeroplane as is judged necessary by our FI/Examiner to achieve the required standard to take the NPPL (SEP) navigation and general handling skills tests.
You will also need to have at least 32 hours total flight time, which may be a combination of both Microlight and simple SEP flying, and obtain a pass in the JAR-FCL PPL (A) theoretical knowledge examination (Aircraft Technical), together with a valid NPPL Medical Declaration or JAR-FCL Class 1 or 2 medical certificate. We can also convert licence holders of a PPL (M) with operating restrictions, and offer Progress Reviews for current PPL students. Contact us for full details of these programmes.

We can convert all foreign licenses. This can be an FAA (USA), or from any other ICAO State of the world - to the UK PPL(A). You can even finish your licence with us if you have started in any other ICAO country - not many schools offer that!!
General requirements:
You need 100 hours of total flying time, which can include the training hours towards your PPL(A) licence, and a valid medical class 2 (UK). You will normally have to do the following two Written examinations (taken online):
* Human Factors and Perfomance, and
* Air Navigation Law

If you have less than 100 hours you have to do all NINE written exams. We have the instructors and the examiners to do this - contact us for more information! The CAA will charge their standard fee for issuing the licence. We advise you about appropriate reference materials, and how to do the exams. You also have to pass a flight test (we will tell you the requirements). You can then apply for a PPL-UK licence issued by the CAA (UK Flight Authorities) accepted in more than 30 countries.

Our very popular IMC/IRR and Radio Nav Certificate Courses can include a practical IFR continental checkout experience (eg Cherbourg), on aircraft specially designed to do the job safely and accurately. Training is usually conducted on a Piper Cherokee PA28 (Arrow or Similar at some the lowest rates in the UK), equipped with HSI and Garmin GNS430 Nav/Com/GPS. If you are already an experienced VFR pilot with reasonable radio knowledge, we offer exceptional value one-to-one personal tuition on this course. Differences training to complex & high performance type is also available as required. You may want to first try some pre-training within the local Controlled Airspace in order to gain value from the radio disciplines enforced during such flights. The IMC/IRR rating can only be added to a UK issued licence, and for holders of other licences we provide training and testing for all Licence Conversions.


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