PPL Ground School Programme

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Example Programme Day ONE
9.00 am Registration
9.30am Aviation Law & Operational Procedures
Coffee/Tea Break
11.00 am – 1.30 pm Meteorology
Lunch Break
2.30 pm Flight Performance & Planning
Coffee/Tea Break
4.00 pm – 5.30 pm Human Performance & Limitations
Private Study - briefing.

Example Programme Day TWO
9.30am Navigation part1
Coffee/Tea Break
11.00 am – 1.30 pm Navigation part 2
Lunch Break
2.30 pm Aircraft Technical (Aeroplanes)
Coffee/Tea Break
4.00 pm – 5.30 pm FAA Test Prep (optional or VFR Communication)
Exam debrief.

DAY ONE and TWO (Theory Exams)
Courses are based around our CAA recommended Lecture Series. Prior to attending you will be given a set of individual workbooks and/or reference texts, and our tailored Key Facts & Revision Notes, together with a carefully graded selection of practice exam papers. For some topics we include supporting video material to help get you started. Then - when ready (you have to be signed off), just book one of our intensive revision and completion days. It's hard work, but you will complete all exam papers (or two examination paper at a time) over a two day period. It really can be done - as many of our successful graduates can testify. You do not need to buy any expensive multimedia packages for these courses! - everything you need is provided, included recommended reference texts where appropriate.

The Theory programme covers all aspects of the Private Pilot written examinations at UK/EASA, FAA, Helicopter or Microlight level as required. The course assumes the candidate has studied the essential Pre-Course / Registration Study Material listed below, and has a basic understanding of the content.

The course is conducted by a Flight Instructor (Land/Sea) and CAA Examiner (A/H) who will guide the candidates through the course material ensuring that all relevant areas are covered in depth, including practical advice on examination preparation.

At the end of the training programme the candidate will be able to confidently sit (and pass!) the Private Pilot written examinations listed above.

All ground school courses are conducted at our dedicated training Centre, with a full range of AV, computer facilities, and aviation reference materials available, or at our Cardiff , Newport or Bristol seminar rooms.

For the Radio Licence practical course and examination (Helicopter and Aeroplane) we use modern (CAA approved) PC network-based RT simulation. Again, it is better to have done some pre-reading, and completed a number of our practice written papers - all based on CAP413. If you haven't already completed the Communications exam paper this will need to be taken and passed first.

Text books and pilot equipment are available from our Pilot shop at less than RRP. Also, you can order yourself direct from Pooleys or AFE, and get an immediate 5% discount by quoting CAMBRIAN AERO on their order form!!

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