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'Flying Floats' - UK Seaplane Courses

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Get independent, (& accurate!) advice on obtaining the UK/EASA/FAA Seaplane Rating, and in using and keeping your rating current. Floatplane training/flying in the UK is only available (at present) in Scotland, or linited locations in England and Ireland.

Preparation (by seminar or distance learning) for the Seamanship Ground Exams (CPL and PPL) is available in Wales (flight training being considered) as part of our specialist ground school programme, including conversion from FAA and Transport Canada Sea endorsements.

Although there are limited opportunities to fly floatplanes in the UK, the situation is changing, and our team all have extensive seaplane flying experience in the USA, Canada, and Italy, as well as Scotland and Ireland.
If you want an enjoyable way to get the rating you can always join us on one of our Seaplane/Overwater Training Safaris in Norway. As a seaplane registered training facility we can also revalidate existing ratings at the same time. Contact us for more details.
cambrian aero flght seaplane IMC RT Newport
cambrian aero flight seaplane RT IMC
cambrian aero flight RT newport PPL NPPL IMC AOPA
Como Italy, Above left,: Lake250 Amphibian, Middle: C172 pumping floats, Right, St Angelo NI, Maule M7
cambrian aero flight seaplane IMC RT newport

(Left), docking a C172 on straight floats, Seaplane base, Maine, USA.

(Right) landing a supercub floatplane on Loch Earn, Scotland

cambrian aero flight RT newport IMC RT PPL
If you really want to fly (an amphibian) seaplane solely from a land aerodrome in the manner of a land plane, then it can be flown under the privileges of an ordinary Aeroplane (Land) rating, covering the appropriate class (or type). However, if the seaplane is to be operated from water, then you MUST have an Aeroplane (Sea) class (or type) rating for the appropriate class (or type).

Within the time frame required to complete the rating you will receive instruction in basic water handling, including idle, plow and step taxi procedures. You will be shown how to properly execute a normal takeoff and landing from the water. More advanced manoeuvres, including crosswind, rough water and glassy water techniques are also covered, as well as maximum performance procedures and emergency operations. You will also see how well a floatplane can sail and dock.


The EASA SEP (Sea) Class Rating requires a minimum of 7-8 hours dual instruction in a SEP (Sea) aircraft at an authorised training organisation, covering all elements appropriate to the Class Rating Skill Test. Applicants (UK) must also have gained a pass in the Seamanship examination (at Private or Professional level) during the 12 months prior to rating application.
See our Courses section for a guide to the examination and the syllabus.

On completion of the above flying training you will need to pass a Class Rating Skill Test with an authorised UK/EASA examiner. The result of this flight test is valid for 12 months, and application for the rating must be made within this time period.
Note: pilots wishing to fly a microlight with floats off water, will also need to undertake the training indicated above - microlight floatplane developments in Wales may become possible - including UK/EASA conversion courses. Microlight/Ultralight training is available at various locations in Europe with UK conversion possible The minimum qualification to start training in the UK is an NPPL(A or M). To find out more - please ask ........

If you want to know more about practical floats flying our
Training Video is available free for all course participants & members. To discover why 'GUMP-C' is so important click the SPA button below:


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