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Cambrian Aero Training is recognised by the UK CAA for Seaplane Training, specialising in theoretical knowledge courses including the written Seamanship Examinations. This is provided via a ONE DAY ground seminar available for either the Professional Seamanship (online available) or Private examinations. The written papers (not online) consist of multiple-choice questions :- 20 (Private) or 30 (Professional) covering-:
* Symbols and abbreviations used in Admiralty charts and plans which are of importance to seaplane pilots
* The regulations for preventing collisions at sea
* Lights and shapes to be carried by ships and aeroplanes
* Sound and light signals of distress (ships)
* International Association of Lighthouse Maritime Buoyage - Region A
* Knowledge of tides and tidal definitions in general use

It is recommended that ground training for the Seamanship examinations is undertaken prior to starting any practical seaplane flying. The ground school and examination is also required if you are converting from a foreign rating. Prior study will leave time to make best use of your practical flight training, and ensure this is a more enjoyable and stress free experience.

Although the written exams are fairly straightforward, there is a considerable amount of material to become familiar with - making self-study hit and miss - without guidance. Don't let "Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail" apply. We provide all the infomation needed on our ground school course, which also offers an interesting and enjoyable day out. .

However, if you are undertaking the NPPL/PPL sea rating (rather than adding to a CPL/ATPL) then you can complete our home study package which includes everything you need, as well as sample exam paper(s). For PPL candidates the alternative to the CAA seamanship exam is completion of an RYA fast motorboat course, also available from our centre in Cardiff Bay.

The examination pass mark is 75%, and must be obtained within 12 months prior to application for the rating. The Professional Seamanship CPL examination has to be taken at a CAA Regional Test Centre (eg Oxford or Gatwick), whereas the Private Seamanship examination can be taken at anytime up to and including the seaplane skills test. Our students regularly achieve a score of over 90% on the ATPL/CPL exams.

If you intend to do the seaplane rating in the US, Canada or other ICAO contracting state (including JAA) you will need to have passed the UK seamanship exams before making an application to the UK CAA. Also contact us if you are interested in obtaining a free copy of our float plane Training Video.

Note: We provide all the documentation and advice you will need to convert Foreign (ICAO) Seaplane Ratings.

SEAMANSHIP GROUND SCHOOL (NB: All essential materials are included in our training packs)

1. Essential Seamanship Exam & Revision Notes (all available from www.cambrian-aero.co.uk, included with our courses)
2. Admiralty Charts, International Chart Series, Hydrographic Office
3. Symbols and Abbreviations Used On Admiralty Charts - Chart 5011
4. Collision Regulations (Seaplanes) Order 1990. To find out more - please recommend...

1. Seaplane Operations by Dale DeRemer and Cesare Baj
2. Practical Floatplane Flying, (our own guide based on our extensive floatplane experience in North America includes a DVD - highly recommended!, £35.00 post free
3. FAA Flight Training Handbook - Seaplane Operations (download free from Seaplane Pilot’s Association, www.seaplanes.org)
4. How To Fly Floats by J J Frey
5. Microlight & Small Seaplanes (2007) by Anna Markey.

All books and pilot equipment are available from our Pilot Shop at below RRP.Also, you can order yourself direct from Pooleys, AFE, or BGS and get an immediate discount by quoting CAMBRIANAERO on their order form!!

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