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Assuming that you have a sufficient grasp of the English language and you are familiar with the CAA safety leaflet 8E and CAP413, then you should have no problem with the theory part of the course, more details here:-

Day 1: Theory and Written Test
Evolution of controlled airspace and radio procedures. Definitions. Abbreviations. Call signs. RT protocol. Types of services available. Flight plans. Flight information service. Standard clearances, conditional clearances. LARS and MATZ (in the UK), Transponder usage. Emergency procedures. ATIS, Volmet. All students then take the written examination.
Discussion of the FRTOL Practical test followed by individual practice using a format very similar to the one used in the actual exam.

Day 2: The Practical Test
The practical test takes about one-two hours, including debriefing. Only one student can be tested at a time, so the last student may have to be prepared to finish later in the day. You will then be issued with a certified CAA application form for the Radiotelephony Licence, which we send to the address shown on the form. Finally, the licence will be mailed to you by the CAA. This course can also be combined with our Second Pilots Safety Course.

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ppl ground school

Radio Telphony Radio Telphony Radio TelphonyRadio TelphonyRadio Telphony

Radio TelphonyRadio Telphony Radio Telphony
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