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ppl ground school

Bristol Ground School

Safety Pilot & Co-Pilot Training

Want to get more involved in flying without a big commitment - this might be a good starter course. The syllabus is  mainly based on the initial flight exercises and theoretical studies for the PPL licence, and covers parts of the full training programme. The training and hours flown canusually be counted towards the full PPL, but this does not directly lead to a pilot’s licence. Some flying companions and second pilots however may wish to continue training for their PPL, and in these circumstances we always include training for the Radiotelephony Licence issue, which includes at least a pass in the communication theory exam.  
For candidates who require the AOPA Flying Companion’s certificate issued, a minimum of ten hours’ flight training with a qualified Flight Instructor is required, but this does not require any practical or theoretical tests.

Safety Pilot/Co-Pilot Course Package
Based on minimum flight hours we can provide a discounted package rate to cover flights, theory / exams, including landing, circuit & approach fees .
The course is designed to enable enthusiasts who wish to fly regularly with qualified pilots to be more seriously involved in flight excursions & travel.

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Tel: 0345 345 0933
email: info@cambrian-aero.co.uk
ppl ground school  

ppl gound school ppl ground school ppl ground schoolppl ground schoolppl ground school

ppl ground school ppl ground school ppl ground school
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